Trade Operation


The Standards Section provides you with different standards and specifications that your goods and commodities need to adhere to so as to get approvals.

Rwanda compulsory standard

Standards specifies the requirements, methods of sampling and testing for the sugar products

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Cereals and pulses and related products

The level of cereals and pulses consumption is ranked among the highest in Rwanda. Cereals and pulses and their derived products are easily contaminated by mycotoxins, which are carcinogenic in nature. These standards require farmers, processors and handlers to follow good practices that reduce the level of contaminants at acceptable level and that allow produce sound and safe product to the consumer.

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Roots and tubers

Cassava and potatoes are both staple food and cash crop in Rwanda. The major constraints to the use of cassava and potato are the perishability of the fresh roots and tubers and the presence of cyanogenic compounds in cassava roots. These encourage the production of safer, durable and of high value products through processing.

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Beverages and drinking waters

The production and consumption of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages has increased significantly in Rwanda. These beverages could have effect on the health of consumers if raw material, processing, and packaging are not done in accordance with recommended good manufacturing practices. Thus the need to protect the consumers by controlling the quality of beverages, through the implementation of standards that specify the requirements which if fulfilled the products are fit for consumption

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